Wisdom Psychotherapy combines evidence-based counselling methods with body-mind integrative practice, when working with Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, and Stress

Wisdom Psychotherapy uses Buddhist Psychotherapy as a framework to integrate the wisdom of Mind and Body

Buddhist Psychotherapy is a non-religious, brain-focused and compassion-oriented therapeutic platform, which has a strong focus on the body-mind connection.  Just like Mindfulness, which also originated from Buddhism, it does NOT impose any religious teachings on therapists nor clients.  Buddhist Psychotherapy integrates Western wisdom of evidence-based therapeutic modalities and Eastern wisdom of Body-Mind-Spirit approaches to life by facilitating Body-Mind Processing practices.
As an experienced Buddhist Psychotherapist (with formal mental health accreditation), Josh employs a wide range of therapeutic techniques depending on the needs of individual clients.  These techniques include the body-mind/somatic approach, mindfulness, focusing, hypnosis, chair-work, eye movement/bilateral stimulations (EMDR) and body movement (including Qigong).  These body-oriented approaches are proven to be effective for stress reduction, emotion regulation and processing memories of trauma.


Wisdom Psychotherapy works from the following core principles:

  • Use of the body as a healing tool:  Exploring somatic intelligence as the wisdom of the body to work out solutions to the presented issues.
  • Focusing on emotions:  Emotions are the vehicles to connect body-and-mind.
  • Self-Compassion:  Focusing on cultivation of compassion towards self and others in order to work with issues, such as anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, grief, anger, low self-esteem, and self-criticism.
  • Integration: People often experience inner conflict, which can cause mental health issues.  Josh uses a systematic approach which integrates the conflicting inner parts helping clients to feel more balanced.
  • Attachment-focused: Stable relationships with self and others help us maintain balance in mental and physical health, as well as regulate emotions.
  • Non-judgemental:  Non-pathologising. Rather than focusing on symptoms, Josh explores the presented issues as resources which seemed to be problematic to you.

Wisdom Psychotherapy employs Clinical Hypnosis, as a part of therapy, to help you access your inner-truth within

In Buddhist Psychology, the Meditative or Therapeutic Trance state is seen as the state of mind that helps people to ‘see’ the true aspects of the ‘Self’. Hypnosis is one of the most effective methods to help people access this Therapeutic Trance state of mind. Hypnosis helps people connect with their own true self-knowledge. Accessing one’s own ‘true self’ will guide you towards discovering deeper issues underlying the presented mental or physical symptoms, such as unprocessed adverse childhood memories, life obstacles, things missing in life. The process of Hypnosis helps people reconnect with their innate healing power and reach their true potential.

Wisdom Psychotherapy uses EMDR for Trauma Processing and Inner Resource Development:

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing) Therapy is a body-focused psychotherapeutic technique using bilateral stimulations, including eye-movement, sounds, and tactile sensation.  Bilateral stimulations (BLS), particularly eye-movement and sounds, have been used by some of the Yoga tranditions and Eastern healing practice to promote healing, including: inducing a state of relaxation and reducing  states of anxiety.  EMDR/Bilateral stimulations (BLS) helps people develop and strengthen their sense of inner truth and wisdom.  
The World Health Organisation (WHO) recognises EMDR as a front-line treatment for trauma and distress caused by traumatic memories.  
Josh uses EMDR, beyond re-processing traumatic memories, to help clients develop their inner resource, repair attachment issues, as well as work with anxiety, depression and chronic pain.

Wisdom Psychotherapy facilitates Body-Mind Processing with Qigong, Meridian Tapping and other Body-focused Approaches

Qigong is moving meditation based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theories and is one of the oldest forms of Body Psychotherapy. In recent years, neuroscience-based research identified that meridian points are connected to ‘amygdala’ in the brain, which is a part of the brain structure primarily responsible for emotional experience (called ‘limbic system’).
As a certified Qigong Facilitator, Josh employs Qigong and other Body-focused techniques (such as Meridian Tapping, Resource Tapping, and Breath Work), along with EMDR, to facilitate Body-Mind Processing for different issues, including trauma, depression, anxiety and chronic pain/physical conditions.



The beauty of connecting to our inner wisdom is that once we discover this lifelong resource, we can check in with it whenever we're feeling disconnected, out of sorts, or pulled away from our positive intention.

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